Combine the familiarity of print
with the functionality of digital

Your Brochure Online is a professional solution for creating, storing, managing, monitoring and distributing digital publications for desktop computers and mobile devices.

Why limit your design to print when you can have your documents online, found by Search Engines and linked to Google Analytics.

Why use Your Brochure Online

  • Brings your documents online in a realistic and usable way.
  • Expands your audience and is SEO friendly so it can be found on Search Engines.
  • Provides a unique and user-friendly reading experience.

How it works

  • Import any PDF, Word, PowerPoint or Excel document.
  • Customize the look & feel of the document.
  • Upload to web or copy to a CD or pen drive


  • Easy to embed on your website.
  • Uses HTML5 so it can be viewed on all devices
  • Detects computer’s system language and translates into the appropriate language
  • Embed carts so users can purchase through the brochure
  • Place and view Vimeo and YouTube videos
  • Share via social networks.
  • Google analytic support.
  • Offline versions for Mac and PC.
  • View on mobile devices including iOS and Android.
  • Text search.
  • User-friendly navigation using table of contents.
  • Rapid downloading.

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