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Welcome to our eBook Brochure.

As well as publishing our portfolio of tax titles in hardcopy format, some of them are also available

in eBook format. These are digital versions of our books that you can download and read on your

tablet, computer or eReader (please note you cannot read our eBooks on your Kindle).

What is the difference between an EPUB and PDF ebook?

An EPUB ebook reflows according to the size of the screen it is being read on.

A PDF ebook is fixed in layout (to match the print edition) and does not reflow to fit different

screen sizes.

How long will my ebook take to arrive?

If you have purchased an ebook, you will receive two emails: one confirming your order, and the

other containing a link to continue to your download. These emails are automated and should

arrive immediately after purchase; if you have not received an email within two hours, please



To order simply click on the



Why not also visit our website at

for the latest titles from Tax,

Accountancy and Law, as well as our online service.

For more information, please contact

Laura Delve


Follow us via Social Media:

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