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Guide to Taxpayers’ Rights and HMRC Powers

Robert Maas

Guide to Taxpayers’ Rights and HMRC Powers

Powers provides a thorough examination of

the wide powers that HMRC possess and the limitations that apply to those powers. Most

importantly, this handbook clearly explains the penalty regime for non-compliance and how to

challenge HMRC if they threaten to penalise or charge interest on client tax returns.

Key new legislative changes covered in the 4th edition:

Accelerated payments and group relief

Diverted profits tax (including administrative provisions)

Disposal of UK residential property by non-UK residents

Changes to ATED returns

Enforcement by deduction from accounts (direct recovery of tax debts)

Penalties (additional rules)

Penalties in connection with offshore asset moves

Changes to the DOTAS regime

Employment intermediaries: determination of penalties.

ISBN: 9781780439075 ISBN: 9781780439648

Pub. Date:





EMI Share Options: The Complete Guide

David Cohen

EMI Share Options: The Complete Guide

written by David Cohen at Norton Rose, one of the

acknowledged industry experts in this field.

The Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme (EMI) is a highly flexible and tax efficient

scheme designed specifically for smaller companies. No tax or NICs are due on the grant or

exercise of a qualifying option under the Enterprise Management Incentive as long as the

exercise price is not less than fair market value at the date of grant. On sale of the shares

acquired through an EMI share option scheme, gains will be taxed as capital gains.

At the end of 2012 the Government indicated it will extend capital gains tax entrepreneurs’

relief to shares acquired through the exercise of EMI share options. Legislation will be

introduced to extend the relief to EMI shares by removing the 5 per cent minimum shareholding

requirement and allowing the 12 month minimum holding requirement to commence on the

date the option is granted. This measure applies to shares acquired on or after 6 April 2012 that

are disposed of on or after 6 April 2013. These measures are guaranteed to make EMI schemes

more popular and will increase work in this area for practitioners.

EMI Share Options: The Complete Guide

is a highly practical with the extensive use of

questions and answers, examples, flowcharts and tables to illustrate the key concepts.

ISBN: 9781780433462

Pub. Date:





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