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Dissolving the Family Company

Paul Seal

Dissolving the Family Company, 3rd edition

supplies a detailed review of the complicated legal

issues and tax planning problems that occur when dissolving a family company and ensuring that

there is a resultant correct and tax-efficient distribution of assets to shareholders.

The proceeds of a successful business about to be dissolved may be needed to fund a new business

or as a retirement fund or to allow the former owners to pursue other interests. In all cases the

maximisation of after tax income is a prime consideration.

The book covers the latest tax and company legislation and provides a range of useful example

and checklists to help practitioners get to the best solution for each of their clients. One of the

appendices in particular contains an extended case study based on a real-life situation.

The third edition takes account of changes in company law, including the Companies Act

2006 and changes to tax legislation up to Finance Act 2013.

ISBN: 9781780436395

Pub. Date:





Taxation of Rental Property Business

Mark McLaughlin

Property taxation is a particularly complex area and whilst there are several tomes on the subject

which broadly cover real estate, including commercial, residential, business premises, developments

and lettings, Taxation of Rental Property Business offers a more concise and targeted approach on

buy-to-let for practitioners with landlord clients.

With the increase in the buy-to-let market in recent years this new title provides a specific

information resource which includes worked examples, case studies, focus points and pitfalls to be

aware of. Following a logical sequence from the commencement of cessation of a rental property

business, and based around the structure of relevant legislation and HMRC guidance, this title is an

essential guide for tax practitioners and accountants who need to advise on

all tax aspects of a buy-to-let property business.

Taxation of Rental Property Business

includes chapters dedicated to furnished lettings,

holiday lettings, non-resident landlords, jointly-owned properties and content on incorporating

a rental property business and how to calculate post-cessation income and loss.

ISBN: 9781784510558 ISBN: 9781784510565

Pub. Date: