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Kapow! It’s now. Or it’ll be never.
A different kind of comic book hero;
tailpipe emission precisely zero.
Snug superbug. Our Batcar forever?
Splat! Like that, it takes the hill. Fells the fell.
Shines its headlights onto our addiction
to evil particulate emission.
Wheeled steel crime fighter in bubble shell.
Thwack! It hits the track. This awesome fella
refuels by plug like a household appliance
yet can change our world, recharge our science.
No windows though so bring an umbrella.
Vooroom! No room for our toxic habit.
An eco wheeled, Renault sealed work of art.
It seems like a drive in a posh go-kart,
but rockets you into clean green orbit.
Blam! Lithium battery ion man
travels the lakes, attacking deadly creep
of global warming. So lets’s say beep beep
to tuk-tuk, as it holds up car and van.
Electric hero poem ©Kirstie Pelling 2014 All Rights Reserved.
No reproduction without authors permission.
....a Real Superhero!
The Electric Twizy...
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superhero visit...
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0191 375 1050
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