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Get CreativeWith Travel
Free your creative spirit this summer by travelling differently and
look out for our Poetry in Motion. You’ll find Kirstie’s poems in a
book at selected hotels and attractions, in pop-up exhibitions and
on screens in the National Park.
“When WilliamWordsworth wandered day and night,
there were no cars around to grab a lift.
But then his cadence might have gone adrift,
if golden daffs were amber traffic lights.”
Kirstie Pelling #poetinmotion
200 years after Wordsworth famously praised the
Lakeland daffodils, there’s another poet wandering
through the Lake District.
Kirstie Pelling, the Lake District’s
#poetinmotion, finds creative inspiration in
unexpected places; on local buses, trains,
boats and bikes.
Exploring without your car opens your
senses to the world around you, frees up
your mind and allows you to experience
more. You don’t need to be a poet to get
creative with your travel.
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