Bikeability Trust Annual Review 2020

Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Minister of State for Transport Over the last year more and more of us have been pleased to be able to leave our homes and go for a cycle or a walk and at the Department for Transport we recognise we have a once in a generation chance to accelerate what we all know as “active travel.” Last year the Prime Minister launched our bold strategy to reinforce this: “Gear Change”, and one of the most important elements within it was a pledge to renew our commitment of cycle training for every child and every adult who wants it. With over 3.5 million children already benefitting from Bikeability, we are now able to offer the new Family course developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the pleasures as a Minister is getting to see the programme in action. In between lockdowns I was able to visit Kislingbury Primary School to see children in Year 6 getting their Bikeability certificates. Witnessing the excitement and confidence that learning this vital skill gave them demonstrated to me once again the impact that quality training delivers. I joined the children for a Dr Bike session learning how to fix a puncture. Vital knowledge like this extends their confidence further to become life-long cyclists. I also had the pleasure of judging the Bikeability Trust and Frog Bikes summer family cycling challenge; seeing families rediscover the joy and health benefits of cycling shows our ambition to unleash a nation of cyclists is on track. In this year of unprecedented challenges, seeing how the Bikeability Trust, grant recipients, training providers and Bikeability tnstructors have followed COVID-19 guidance and worked together to train as many children as possible fills me with pride. Our investment in Bikeability is integral in helping develop the next generation of cyclists. I am grateful to the Trust Board and staff team who have worked tirelessly with Department officials throughout this last year to ensure Bikeability continues to deliver our vision to increase cycling. As we seek to scale up operations to offer Bikeability to every child by 2025 I look forward with the expectation of seeing more and more people enjoying the freedom and joy of cycling. FOREWORDS The Bikeability Trust’s vision is to ensure everyone has the confidence to cycle and enjoy this skill for life. The Trust aims to make Bikeability the leading programme for cycle training. 2