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Company Profile Active Bacterial Solutions Ltd was formed to deliver global, effective, valuable and environmentally friendly answers to tomorrow’s water challenges such as FOG (Fats, Oils & Greases) and Eutrophication. Companies and governments are under increasing pressure to deliver revolutionary, sustainable, environmentally friendly and easy-to-use remedies to life-critical problems. Active Bacterial Solutions offers products, knowledge and project management expertise to suit a variety of challenges. The Project Bacteria play a significant role in the cycling of nutrients (mainly carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous) in both soil and aquatic environments. In situ conversion of nutrients to microbial biomass can have significant positive implications for ecosystems and the environment. The aim of this project is to apply nutritional frameworks to evaluate microbial nutritional intake and enhance bacterial performance in bioremediation and biotechnology. Outputs will take the form of predictive methodologies to identify microbial nutritional demands in pursuit of increasing the efficiency of industrial processes using non-pathogenic bacterial strains. Optimisation of these processes through the application of microbial nutritional frameworks offers the opportunity for significant carbon savings in both urban and rural industrial and agricultural settings. Tabitha Sleap Having graduated with First Class Honours in Biochemistry, Tabitha went on to complete an MRes in Bacterial Pathogenesis and Infection at Imperial College London. Following work as a Life Sciences consultant, she now combines her scientific interests to understand how nutrition affects bacteria and how this can be used to reduce environmental impacts. Academic Supervisors Professor Kenneth Wilson Professor Roger Pickup Active Bacterial Solutions Ltd