Hart Publishing Textbook Catalogue 2019

Modern Sports Law A Textbook Jack Anderson This book provides an account of how the law influences the operation, administration and playing of modern sports. Although the book focuses on legal doctrine it has been written bearing in mind sport's historical, cultural, social and economic context, including the drama and colour of sport's major events and leading personalities. Initially, thebook addresses practical issues such as the structures of national and international sport, and examines the evolution of the body of law known as 'sports law'. Thereafter three main themes are identified: regulatory; participatory; and financial aspects of modern sport. The conclusion summarises modern sport's experience of EU law, pointing the way to the future direction of sports law more generally. Jack Anderson is a senior lecturer in law at Queen's University Belfast. Oct 2010 9781841136851 424pp Pbk RSP: £36.99 Sports Law NINTH EDITION Tiley’s Revenue Law Glen Loutzenhiser This is the ninth editionof JohnTiley’smajor text on revenue law, now restructured to cover the UK Tax system, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax, as well as incorporating sections dealing with Corporation Tax, International and European Tax, Savings and Charities. This new version of Revenue Law is fully revised and updated for the latest case law, statutory and other developments. The book is designed for law students taking the subject in the final year of their law degree course or for more advanced courses and is intended to be of interest to all who enjoy tax law. Its purpose is not only to provide an account of the rules but to include citation of the relevant literature from legal periodicals and some discussion of, or reference to, the background material in terms of policy, history or other countries’ tax systems. Glen Loutzenhiser is is Associate Professor of Tax Law at the University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow of St Hugh’s College. Aug 2019 9781509921331 1408pp Pbk RSP: £59.99 Tax Law REQUEST YOUR INSPECTION COPY TODAY! All of the titles in this catalogue are available on inspection for lecturers of relevant courses To request your inspection copy simply visit www.hartpublishing.co.uk a nd submit a digital request or email Mary Mahoney ( mary@hartpub.co.uk)