Hart Publishing - Legal History 2019

Legal History Series Landmark Cases Editor: Paul Mitchell The Landmark Cases series is an occasional series of volumes which seek to highlight the historical antecedents of what are widely considered to be the leading cases in the common law. These edited volumes feature original archival research by eminent scholars in the field, and are intended to provide a context, or contexts, in which to better understand how and why certain cases came to be regarded as the‘Landmark’cases in any given field. Legal History Titles (2018-2020) English Legal Histories Ian Ward English Legal Histories is an exciting and innovative approach to the study of English law. Written in an accessible style, designed for both a student and a broader audience, it takes the reader beyond the narrower confines of legal doctrines and cases, and invites them to consider the myriad contexts within which English law has been shaped; the politics, the economics, the art, the poetry. Reaching from the Reformation through to the age of Reform, it tells stories, the ‘histories’, of English law. Histories of the constitution and government, of crime and contracts, tort and trespass, property and equity. Of the people who made that law, those who wrote it, and those who suffered it. For it is in the end a human story, of justice and injustice, of success and failure, good luck and bad. The law is full of statutes and instruments, cases and precedent, but its history is full of people and peculiarity. Which is what, of course, makes it so endlessly fascinating. Ian Ward is Professor of Law at Newcastle University. Nov 2019 | 464pp | Pbk | 9781509912292 | RSP: £49.99