Flipbook Features

Hosting Options
Host your publication on your own website or, if you don’t have a site, we can host it for you on your-brochure-online.co.uk.

No Subscription Costs
Online flipbooks are charged a one-off fee, at a per page rate, with no on-going subscription charges.

Modern Design
Digital publications created by Your Brochure Online offer a professional and stylish look. You can improve the design of your publications with bespoke skins, as well as various customization tools.

Mobile Device Support
Integrated support of the HTML5 standard means that your publications are read on all devices, ranging from iPhones and Androids to iPads, Tablets, and E-readers.

E-commerce Support
Sell directly from the page of your digital catalogue. Now users don’t have to switch to a web store and spend time searching for an item they saw in a catalogue. Reducing the number of steps to the purchase will increase your revenue.

Embed Video 
Having impressed the reader with the realistic page-flipping animation, you can completely stun them with videos that can link from Vimeo or YouTube and embedded within the brochure

Your Brochure Online offers high-quality magnification features, which allow your readers to zoom in on desired photos and print with exceptional quality.

Text Search
Your Brochure Online’s exclusive indexing and search algorithms make the search process faster, even within very large publications.

Social Networks Sharing
Send publications instantly by e-mail, or share them via popular social networks. You can allow your readers to do the same by adjusting the enabling and disabling features in your publication.

Search Engine Optimization
Publications created by Your Brochure Online are search engine optimized. This means that your content is indexed by all popular search sites and therefore can be found and accessed quickly by new users.

Web Analytics Support
Turn your publication into an efficient marketing tool. Link it directly to your Google Analytics account to see visitor numbers and stats.

Offline Version
Distribute your publication as a self-running off-line solution. Your Brochure Online can create a PC .exe file or a MAC .app file ready to be transferred on to a CD, DVD or flash-drive.

Google Reviews

Mike Jefferies
Mike Jefferies
A quick and professional upgrade from our usual standard PDFs. We're a design agency and use Your Brochure Online to create brochures and docs for clients looking for an upgrade. Importantly these docs can host videos, which was what we needed.
Steve Parkman
Steve Parkman
Collaborating with Designworks on behalf of our clients for online brochures has proved very successful & stress free. Highly recommended.
Amanda Wakefield
Amanda Wakefield
Excellent service! Always super helpful with a very efficient service. Can highly recommend.
Vivid Experience
Vivid Experience
We have used Design Works for a few years now for our online brochures. Rory and the team have always been extremely professional and accommodating, even when working towards tight deadlines. Highly recommend!

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